Spring gifts iPhone5 or iPad4 for every Zizaza author!

Zizaza iphone

Hello to everyone!

Winter is almost over and we impatiently welcome spring, sun and warmth, and to that time we start spring promotion action of pleasant gifts. Every respectful author is an expert in art and gadgets which are consonant with it, and every author should have such technics! :) And Zizaza wants to help in that. Every author, who earns his first $1200 on his account, after withdrawal on his cash account, will get guaranteed iPad4 or iPhone5 on his choice.

Apple iPad 4th Generation with Retina Display 32GB, Wi-Fi + 4G (UNLOCKED) or Apple iPhone 5 32GB White\Black (FACTORY UNLOCKED)

We wish good luck to everyone! And please welcome to our resource!

For example, if you need customer to get your work, please upload it to our resource and proceed with fair deal. You can even add an unique license, so your work could be sold only once.

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