Spring gifts iPhone5 or iPad4 for every Zizaza author!

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Hello to everyone!

Winter is almost over and we impatiently welcome spring, sun and warmth, and to that time we start spring promotion action of pleasant gifts. Every respectful author is an expert in art and gadgets which are consonant with it, and every author should have such technics! :) And Zizaza wants to help in that. Every author, who earns his first $1200 on his account, after withdrawal on his cash account, will get guaranteed iPad4 or iPhone5 on his choice.

Apple iPad 4th Generation with Retina Display 32GB, Wi-Fi + 4G (UNLOCKED) or Apple iPhone 5 32GB White\Black (FACTORY UNLOCKED)

We wish good luck to everyone! And please welcome to our resource!

For example, if you need customer to get your work, please upload it to our resource and proceed with fair deal. You can even add an unique license, so your work could be sold only once.

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Zizaza is .....

zizaza payment

Zizaza is .....

  • A huge design content store.
  • Shop where everything is in one place - no need to surf the Internet in search of the necessary design. Save your time ;)
  • Thousands of ready-made sites to fit every taste!
  • Everything for the designers, thousands of graphics, vectors, printing templates, logos, 3d fonts, textures, etc.
  • More than 1 million of icons, the largest database, sorted and classified.
  • Icons are available in all possible sizes and extensions.
  • Assemblies of icons for mobile: iPhone or Android.
  • Daily content updates.
  • News from the world of design.
  • Fresh lessons for PS designers.
  • Cumulative bonus system available for all customers. Bonuses can be exchanged for gifts. Do not waste your money ;)
  • Ability to share your design for free or be paid for - it's your decision.
  • Free sale of your works without moderation done by administration (upload and sell whatever you want).
  • Assign any price you are ready to sell for and discount you are ready to give.
  • License protection of your works.
  • 85 % profit maximum.
  • Stable income for a designer (you paint - upload - sell - get money - sell - get money - sell - get money - making fortune further and further).

Register and tell that for you Zizaza is ........

Zizaza New Features

zizaza constr

Zizaza Updates:

  • Add a new category: Graphic Store
  • Now you can upload any graphics for sale (3d, fonts, textures, illustrations, logos, and etc)
  • Assign a price to your work
  • Assign a discount your work
  • 3 new licenses
  • Unique Selling
  • New category Mobile icon sets
  • Work`s rating
  • 85% profit rate

and many more.............

Zizaza Updates!


Zizaza Updates:

- Facebook authorization ( you can log in via your Facebook account)
- Financial statistics (income and expenses)
- Deposit into an account to simplify the process of purchase
- Free daily content
- The authors are able to see their current income level
- The authors can enhance their profiles- Pump Up your Profile!
- Become a new user and get your premium account as a gift
- All new authors get their +10% of their income
- Three new referral systems
- New Premium features free downloads of any free content
- We have Zizaza profiles at all popular social profiles: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Deviant art, Blog Spot, Pinterest, Stumblup, delicious.
- Soon there will be new features available, stay with us and keep the track!

Join us!

Good News: Facebook sign up and all free

Hi all! We have good news:

Facebook sign up and all free

- Now available all files on Zizaza for free download, for all new users. Join us and get free access.
- Free icon store: [link]
- Free web store: [link]
- Now become possible to sign in on Zizaza by using facebook [link] account, simply and easy in 1 click.

For all new members on Zizaza Gift


For all new member of Zizaza gift: 
60% profit rate.

Limited offer !!!

Buy and Sell Design items

Buy and Sell Design items

At Zizaza you can buy or sell all sorts of digital products, ranging from website templates, to tutorials, to royalty free stock graphics. 
Zizaza is not only kind of a web store, but a bustling community of web designers and developers.
Anyone is eligible to sell their work through the Zizaza Marketplaces.

PayPal payment method available


From now on you are able to use PayPal to make a purchase. Quick, safe and efficient.

The first beta release Zizaza.com is set for 07.05.2012

We are working on the launch.

The first beta release is set for 07.05.2012. We invite everyone to the first zizaza.com buyers and designers, surprises, bonuses and discounts.

What will happen in the beta:

- Profile (the designers will be able to show off what devices they use to create their work)
- Site Store (Templates, CSS, Worpress, Joomla, Drupal, Flash, Mail templates)
- Icon Store (more than 500 thousand icons)
- Free Content
- Flexible system of buying and selling icons
- Search and content filtering
- Ability to exhibit their work for sale
- Useful functions for working with database content
- And much more..........

We are inviting you to us on Zizaza.com

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